Quality Medical Services

Dr. George Cuchural M.D., FACP addresses short and long term health concerns with the special focus on preventative health issues.  We offer a variety of high-quality services.  We are attuned to the needs of our patients as they age and as the complexity of their health management increases.  We strive to provide attentive, personalized and thorough care for all of our patients.

George Cuchural M.D., FACP is board certified in Internal Medicine.  Our services include general internal medicine, routine checkups and adult preventative services. 

Dr. George Cuchural M.D., FACP is also board-certified in Infectious Diseases.  We also subspecialize in infectious diseases and take care of a variety of outpatient infectious disease issues such as Lyme disease, other tick borne related illnesses, travel-related infections, diagnose and treat patients who appear to have signs of immunocompromise and have unexplained recurrent or frequent infections, other immunocompromised associated outpatient infection, etc. other complicated outpatient bacterial infections such as osteomyelitis or bone infection, wound infections.

 We believe that it is important to have quality medical services readily available to maintain good health and have effective treatment should illness occur

 You will see the physician every time-not a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.  We stay until we see our last patient regardless of time.

Contact us today at 781-331-9300 to schedule an appointment or ask about our services.